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Expansion of City Car Club in Norwich

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - 17:25
Norwich , SMILE

The revolutionary green car club scheme launched in Norwich city centre in November 2006 has become a hugh success and is about to double in size.CityCarClub pay-as-you-drive scheme allows Norwich resident’s access to cars for as little as £2.80-an-hour.When launched three months ago there were five cars in the city centre, but it’s been so popular that more need to be added. And every extra City Car Club car means around 15 fewer private cars on the road.

City Car Club is thrilled: “Norwich is one of our most successful launches,” says Chief Executive,Dirk van Dijl, pictured above,“We need more cars to meet demand - we want them available at a moment’s notice, as they are now.”One new member enthuses: “I get a car whenever I want, with no worries about insurance, maintenance, parking permits or depreciation. Brilliant.” Apply at or on 0845 330 1234. As a member, you just open the door with your smart card, enter your PIN and drive away. When you’re finished, return the car to its parking bay, lock it and forget it.It saves you thousands compared with owning a car. Someone driving 4,000 miles a year in a Fiesta would pay around £2,500 in insurance, petrol, maintenance, depreciation etc. A City Car Club car doing the same would cost you £1,420. Cars are available in York Street, Gloucester Street and at the University of East Anglia with more due to be added in nearby streets later this year.For more information visit or phone 0845 990 1234

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