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Malmö The traffic The Environment

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 - 15:07
Malmö , SMILE

Sustainable transport in the urban environment. As part of the CIVITAS SMILE project the Traffic Environment Section (Streets and Parks Department), Malmö has produced a handbook and film to highlight local companies and their efforts to adopt sustainable transport solutions.

The handbook is called “Environmentally sustainable transports and travelling - a guide to companies” and the film goes under the name “Malmö The Traffic The environment”.The Traffic Environment Section actively works towards more sustainable solutions in the urban environment, where companies realise that these solutions will help them save or make money. “… feels very good and important that we can have a dialogue, that we can help each other to find solutions that will change the way we think, act and travel” Peter Joelsson, Administrative executive at Sigma Exallon ABThe city of Malmö have been working actively with this for more than 5 years. To a certain extent, you have to change behaviour before people act or plan for their transports, including new distribution routes, transport planning or the procurement of vehicles and transports. Both the handbook and the 10-minute film gather solutions, ideas and methods that companies can use and work with. It could be seen as a “toolbox” of suggestions. Car pools, alternative fuels, training of drivers, public transports etc, as well as much more material as good examples from companies themselves, how they have used different solutions and how that can help others towards implementation and more.

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