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Shop and Go now 'Free'

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - 17:13
Norwich , SMILE

On 2 April 2007 the Shop & Go service at Harford park and ride will re-launch by Norfolk County Council, in partnership with John Lewis, Norwich. What's more, the service will now be FREE to use!The Shop & Go service will operate from Monday to Saturday until further notice, and follows on from a successful trial during Christmas 2006, where 82 customers used the service during the four-week trial.

The service is designed to help people enjoy a longer shopping experience. Users of Harford Park & Ride can do their shopping during the day, dropping off their bags at the John Lewis customer collection point on Ber Street (between 9.30am and 3pm), which will be safely transferred back to Harford park and ride ready for collection at the enquiry office when they return to the site at the end of the day. Adrian Gunson, Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation at Norfolk County Council, said: “I am so pleased that John Lewis Norwich is supporting a re-launch of the Shop & Go service, as the initial trial was well received. The service not only allows people to shop longer, it is an additional incentive for people to use Harford park & ride when doing an all-day shop, helping to ease congestion in the city centre. It can also be seen as an extra service benefit for Current Park and Ride users. The Shop & Go service is perfect for those on a major shopping trip who want to drop them off to enjoy lunch with friends or to do more shopping in the afternoon. The service will carry all items within reason, except for cold or frozen goods, animals, flowers or plants and exceptionally large goods.Goods are placed in a crate and sealed, then once back at Harford Park & Ride the goods are transferred to a secure locker next to the enquiry office ready for customer collection.The Shop & Go service will run from 2 April 2007 until further notice.

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