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Suceava Dissemination Activities

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Saturday, February 3, 2007 - 15:07
Suceava , SMILE

The introduction of 15 new buses in March 2006 was a significant step in the direction of promoting cleaner and better transport in Suceava city. This was maximised by structured information campaign, including leaflets, adverts in local newspapers, conferences and special local events. These campaigns were designed to have a considerable impact and relevance to citizens.

The main aim of the information campaign was to highlight the meaning of sustainable mobility and in particular why it is central to the SMILE project and the measures taken to achieve it in the city. The public was also involved in an active way through discussions and inter-active consultations; moreover, one of the conferences at the City Hall resulted in articles being published in the local press. 4000 leaflets were produced and distributed, in the City Hall at the information point and within the bus stations along with CIVITAS postcards and buses carrying 2 posters (on the glass behind the driver and the lateral window).Information is available online, too, on a site disseminating news and on the City Hall website. The project team organised 12 meetings with teachers and students in schools and a high school in Suceava. The meetings took place in the lecture halls of the institutions and participants received materials and discussed with the project team the importance of the protection of the environment and mobility management. An important local event took place on 22nd September when Suceava celebrated through a march the “Car Free Day”, which gathered many education institutions, who together declared their wish to live a healthy and active life, independently of private car use and ownership. This event started in the low emission zone in the city centre, which is foreseen to become entirely restricted to cars. The Dissemination manager participated in a conference held in Budapest organised by ASTUTE team project and made the most of the opportunity discuss topics of interest to both projects, to transfer knowledge and best practice.

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