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Suceava Project progress - evaluation activity

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Saturday, February 3, 2007 - 15:06
Suceava , SMILE

The progress of the SMILE project is visible throughout the city, both at the level of the citizen and in terms of procurement of new long-lasting equipment. Evaluation and dissemination are both in process. The evaluation team has designed three questionnaires; one for the general public, one for residents in the affected area and one for PT passengers.

One of the questionnaires referred to LPG car users and was devised to assess the quality of this fuel and the durability of the engines of cars fuelled with this alternative fuel. This activity was mainly deployed in petrol stations that sell LPG fuel and at the same time promoted alternative vehicles. The second questionnaire targeted the entire local community, with reference to the European project’s visibility, the public’s perception of these projects, their understanding of environmental issues and new concepts such as alternative and clean fuels, “park and ride”, “park and walk” and PT and general road traffic issue. This questionnaire helped to determine the impact of our dissemination activities and to assess the project’s impact in terms of stakeholders’ indicators, in comparison with the baseline situation. The 3rd questionnaire referred to the PT vehicles and the new buses (performance, security, comfort, timetable, routes etc) and also gave citizens the opportunity to express their opinions on future improvements of PT.

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