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A CIVITAS placement is the ultimate opportunity for you (as representative from one of the  CIVITAS FORUM Network cities) to work on a concrete local challenge that you are facing in another environment.

You will have the opportunity to develop new skills. The emphasis during the placement is on practical knowledge Developing new skills is important with an emphasis on ‘do and experience’. You will have the time to reflect on your own learning process. By developing a portfolio you will be able to showcase the results of your placement to your peers.

What is exaclty a CIVITAS placement?

“A placement is a temporary job that you do as part of a course of study in order to get practical training and experience” - Macmillandictionary

A CIVITAS placement is defined by the following characteristics:

  • A CIVITAS placement is a short stay (3-5 days) in a host city.
  • Cities with experience “lead cities” within a specific theme host “learning cities” practitioners.
  • The placement focuses on a concrete assignment with clear reference to the learners’ own local context and local challenges. All elements of Kolb’s learning cycle are embedded in a placement, with an emphasis on ‘do and experience’.
  • Developing new skills is the most important goal of a placement. Therefore, after finishing the placement participants are obligated to write a portfolio. In a portfolio, participants report about the local challenge they have been working on, the solutions/best practises they have found in the ‘lead city’, the new competences/skills they have demonstrated or developed during the placement and the way they are translating all they have learned to their own local context.
  • Personal attention/interaction is high compared to e-courses and trainings, as all participants will have their own local tutor.


Within the CAPITAL project, 30 placements are foreseen.

How to apply?

The CIVITAS placement programme has been closed on the 1st of July 2016. It's not possible anymore to apply for a placement.


In most cases, the used language during the placement will be English. Of course if there is a common language between the two locations, the placement can take place in the local language. In all cases, we will ask participant to write their application and portfolio in English.  As such, a minimum level of English is required.


Certificates will be awarded for successfully completed placements.

Any questions?

Questions can certainly arise when you are putting your application together.

If so, don’t hesitate to contact the placement team (, +32 16 31 77 00). Your questions will become part of a Frequently Asked Questions section which can help your peers.

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