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Peer-to-peer activities

Peer-to-peer activities

CIVITAS SATELLITE peer-to-peer activities consist of work placements and study visits; they are open to any city from the CIVITAS community (IA and RIA project city, CIVITAS Forum Network city, CIVINET city, CIVITAS demonstration city) as well as to any other European city.

Cities will be selected via calls for expression of interest organised yearly, for both host and visiting cities (possibility to apply as host and as visiting city)


What is a work placement?

CIVITAS SATELLITE work placements offer transport professionals hands-on learning experience in another European city. These 3 day placements will focus on a concrete topic and respond to a local challenge faced by the visiting city. The main objective is to transfer practical knowledge and expertise from the host city to help achieve a specific objective. Financial support is available to cover travel and accommodation costs.


What is a study visit?

CIVITAS SATELLITE study visits offer the opportunity for a group of up to 10 city representatives to travel to another European city facing similar challenges in sustainable urban mobility to learn about possible solutions and best practices. These 2,5-3 day study visit will be tailored to the needs of the participating cities and take an interactive approach. City representatives will benefit from financial support covering travel and accommodation costs.


When will the peer-to-peer activities take place?

CIVITAS SATELLITE work placements and study visits will take place each year between 2017 and 2020. The exact dates of the visits will be decided in cooperation with the host and the visiting cities, with the support of SATELLITE consortium.


What will be the tasks of cities involved?

If you are host city you will:

  • Liaise with the CIVITAS SATELLITE team to agree on the objectives of the visit
  • Develop a work placement / study visit programme, with the support of CIVITAS SATELLITE tailored towards the challenges identified by the visiting city’s representatives,
  • Provide documentation outlining the key points of the practices implemented locally
  • Ensure in liaison with CIVITAS SATELLITE team, that all logistical arrangements are put into place
  • Receive some financial support for logistic costs

If you are a visiting city, you will

  • Define a detailed request for learning, followed by an online pre-visit survey (for the study visit).
  • Identify a local challenge faced by their city (for work placement)
  • Liaise with the SATELLITE team to agree on the objectives of the visit
  • Write a short impact report describing new skills acquired
  • Send all documents required for the reimbursement of costs
  • Receive financial support to travel to the host city



The working language of CIVITAS initiative is English so all working documents will be provided in English and a medium to advanced level of English is expected to take part to exchange activities.



To be part to CIVITAS SATELLITE peer-to-peer exchanges, fill in the application form below by 14th November 2016 and send it back to

Please note that there are 2 different forms:

  • one for the host cities (form A) 
  • one for the visiting cities (form B)

NB: You can apply both as host and as visiting city!


Contact person:

If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Leroy: (+32 2 552 0881)

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